Mr & Mrs Sparks and the Emperor's Panda
    By Isabel Adomakoh Young & Guy Clark

    21:30, Tue 11th – Sat 15th February 2014 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 4

    A surreal musical comedy adventure tells the tale of eccentric couple Ezekiel and Aphrodite Sparks on the hunt for a mythical immortal panda, in pursuit of which treasured nature documentarist David McAttenford has lost his life.

    Complete with singing, silly dancing, quick character swaps, a tribute to London bus drivers, a lot of running about, a surprising amount of Chinese history and, of course, a panda, the show sees us led from the 'section of the British Library for Things Proved Silly or Factually Incorrect' to the remote village of Hu Flung, in Xi Li province, China. But will our two penniless, half-pissed protagonists ever manage to outsmart Sir Reginald Huntleigh Morgan, mustachioed gentleman adventurer and full-time villanous bastard, who always seems to be one step ahead...


    Ezekiel Sparks
    Aphrodite Sparks

    Production Team

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    Musical Director
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