Princess Ida

    00:00, Mon 11th – Sat 16th August 2014 at The Royal Hall, Harrogate Theatre
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    Princess Ida

    The Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society is proud to announce that we are opening production team applications for “Princess Ida” at the annual International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Harrogate! On the strength of last year’s award-winning festival production of Patience, which saw us crowned International University Champions, we have been invited to perform at the Royal Hall, Harrogate Theatre.

    Twenty years ago, King Hildebrand and King Gama arranged a diplomatic match between their infant children, with the marriage to take place when Gama’s daughter Ida came of age.

    Now, the great day is at hand, but while Prince Hilarion has been eagerly awaiting his wedding, Ida has followed a different path. She has forsworn men, and now runs a women’s university. However, when Gama’s failure to deliver his daughter almost provokes war, Hilarion and his friends attempt to infiltrate the university, win Ida’s heart, and ensure peace. But Ida will not yield so easily, either to Hilarion’s wooing, or to King Hildebrand’s threats.

    “Princess Ida” is one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s true gems. It features the duo’s usual wit and sparkling comic writing, in both dialogue and music, but it also finds them unafraid in the face of the weightier dramatic themes of romance, betrayal, death, and gender. What’s more, the Festival at Harrogate is an extremely prestigious performing opportunity, attracting companies from both UK and across the Atlantic.


    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Assistant Musical Director
    Costume Designer
    Assistant Director ,
    Lighting Designer