and present...

    By Ted Hughes

    22:00, Tue 8th March 2016 at Fitzwilliam College Auditorium
    Lent Week 8

    ‘Where white is black and black is white, I won.’

    Enter the world of Crow. This is a world of infinite blackness where tradition means nothing, where God has lost his power and where simply enduring is all that you can hope for. Crow’s ominous figure is woven into a tapestry of global mythology, folk-tale and religion, and through his observations of life he gradually deconstructs the legitimacy of social custom, unearthing the kernel of human truth that exists within us all.

    This new adaptation of Ted Hughes’ remarkable poetry collection CROW is birthed in a stunning frenzy of light, sound, music and performance.

    Come and hear the darkness sing.


    Production Team

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