The Double

    23:00, Tue 10th February 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    6 double acts take to the stage in an attempt to wow and impress the audience - for one night only, it's "The Double"!

    12 performers have been split into teams of two - forced into a double act with someone they've never written with before, and asked to create 10 minutes of new and original material.

    The double acts could choose to write conventional sketches, musical comedy, clown, physical comedy or even some kind of dialogue with a narrative; so long as it's funny, anything goes!

    From the people that have collectively brought you Booby; Pelican; Sunset Eternal; S.C.O.F.F; The Witt Club; Hissy Fit; Dystopia: The Musical; STIFF!; The 2014 CUADC/Footlights Pantomime: The Emperor's New Clothes; Tamburlaine the Great; Female Personality of the Year; The Canon; SPLEEN; Dumpf; Conitnuum!; Laughing Fitz; numerous Footlights smokers, and many more.