The Fastest Clock in the Universe
    By Philip Ridley

    19:00, Tue 10th November 2015 - Sun 15th November 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 5 to Week 6

    'Who gives a fuck about my insides? Can have a gut full of maggots for all I care, so long as I've got a suntan.'

    The eternal tock of the clock is stopped. Lipsticked lips wrinkle and dry. Birds fall and rot and are stuffed and sold in antique shops. And every year, Cougar Glass turns nineteen.

    In a dilapidated flat above an abandoned factory in East London, Cougar Glass is preparing for another vodka-soaked, cigarette-smoked celebration. Captain Tock hovers around the exquisite Cougar; plucking his grey hairs, cursing the shrieking birds, craving Cougar’s attention. But Cougar can only think about youth. Cougar is thinking about Foxtrot Darling, a teenager with fragile good looks, who is soon to arrive with his pregnant fiancée - Sherbet Gravel.

    Darkly humorous, enthrallingly absurd and unforgivably frank, ‘The Fastest Clock in the Universe’ addresses the ache of ageing, and the destructive potential of our quest for eternal youth.


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