Milk Teeth
    By James Coward, Christian Hines, Eve Delaney and John Tothill

    21:30, Tue 1st – Sat 5th November 2016 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 4

    We’re all just big babies with puberty hairs aren’t we?

    A child giggles and breaks into a broad grin, revealing not only the remains of their fish-finger sandwich, but also a prized set of gleaming, pale yellow baby teeth. They flash their glinting, porcelain pegs like the proud owner of a fully stocked china shop.

    The lower middle teeth are the first to go. The top-centre is next. We shed our skin of youth and progress, tentative and mouth-bald, into adulthood. Join these four diphyodonts as they lose their baby teeth in Corpus Playroom, and attempt to tackle their big teeth, and the big questions of life. John, Christian, James and Eve present Milk Teeth: a deciduous sketch show.

    From the people who brought you VOXPOP: A Sketch Show, Black Comedy, Judge Judy’s Buzz World: The Footlights Harry Porter Prize Winner 2016, Walnut Sanchez and The Macaroni Saga: Edinburgh Fringe 2016, Black Tie Smoker 2016 and various Footlights smokers.

    ‘Christian Hines is tightly wound’ - The Evening Standard

    ‘Christian Hines has rebelled disastrously but intelligently’ - The Reviews Hub

    ‘Delaney is a studious goody-two-shoes’ -

    'John Tothill brought his own saucy flair to the proceedings' - CTR

    ‘Everything I wanted a Cambridge sketch show to be: it was intelligent, entertaining and oftentimes bizarre. Probably in that order. Well worth attending if you want an evening of laughter, and potentially frozen peas’ - CTR


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