Shedload Theatre presents...

    The Colour out of Space
    By H.P. Lovecraft

    19:30, Thu 8th December 2016 at The Shoe Factory Social Club, Norwich
    19:00, Mon 12th – Wed 14th December 2016 at Corpus Playroom
    Christmas Vacation

    Blasted Heath, has never truly recovered from the strange days of madness, meteorites and that indescribable colour out of space.

    Live Foley sound effects and intense, dramatised readings bring to life this Lovecraftian masterpiece. As the lights dim you'll be left shrouded in darkness, allowing Shedload’s uniquely vivid method of storytelling to paint otherworldly horrors before you. Live sound effects crafted by some of the most unassuming objects of the everyday and more, help create an atmosphere which never fails to place the spectator into the belly of the story- therein lies the mystery of ‘The Colour out of Space’...


    'The Colour out of Space' Reader
    'Dagon' Reader
    'The Outsider' Reader


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