Tristram Shandy: Live At Scotland!
By Will Dalrymple

21:35, Wed 10th August 2016 - Sun 28th August 2016 at C Nova
Summer Vacation

Tristram Shandy's sizzling autobiography, 'The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman', has just hit the shelves and the author has announced a nation-wide tour: a theatrical extravaganza which captures the scandal, wit and wisdom of this instant classic.

Join us at C Nova for an evening like no other, and revel in the sex, the song, the dance, the love, the lies... Will Dalrymple's 'masterful' (The Tab) adaptation of Laurence Sterne's hilarious and groundbreaking novel takes you on a poignant and compelling tour through the life and opinions of Britain's finest Tristram.


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