A Cure for a Cuckold
By John Webster and William Rowley

20:00, Mon 30th October 2017 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
Michaelmas Week 4

What do you do when you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your wife has cheated on you? If you're a Shakespearean tragic hero, you kill her, very few questions asked. If you're a sailor named Compass, however, the solution is a bit different...

Join the Marlowe Society as we set out on a new venture--exploring the lesser-performed plays of the early modern period through script-in-hand stagings. This year, we start with the expectation-shattering A Cure for a Cuckold, John Webster's neglected comedy about love, friendship, and trust.

Presented in partnership with the Centre for Mediaeval and Early Modern Law and Literature, the evening will include a panel discussion on the legal issues invoked by the play. Tickets are free, but space is limited!


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