By Ash Weir

    21:30, Thu 27th April 2017 - Sat 29th April 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 0

    Hello m'lovelies, Ash here.

    Why Chameleon? Well, chameleons adapt, don't they? They take a surface or environment and they change their colours to blend in and assimilate themselves into it. I guess octopi do it too... but I also have exema and am therefore a bit scaly and lizard-like, so Chameleon seemed more appropriate...

    Nevertheless, I’ve become increasingly aware that this adaptation is something I and (I think) many other people do in social situations in order to suit themselves to different environments. So I thought it'd be fun to write a show about self-representation and why being a chameleon needn't necessarily be a bad thing...

    Join me for an hour of self-indulgent, feel-good stand-up, original comic songs and character comedy. Think smoker meets song cycle. Think character comedy meets cabaret. Think! Don't drink and drive.


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