By Alex Tadel and Victor Rees

9:30pm, Tue 16th May 2017 - Sat 20th May 2017, at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 3

“Petersburg is not half what I expected – it is an amazingly quiet place; the people there seem more dead than alive…”

Three great authors. Three tall tales. Join us on this tour through an exhibition of apparitions, madness and ghosts, a gallery of human absurdity. This is a city of graveyards and asylums, where the dead hold court and where noses roam around unsupervised.

See a play that aims to thrill and entertain. See the works of Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Gogol brought to life as you’ve never seen them before.


The Nose -
Kovrin / Journalist -
Pervoyedov / Monk / Kovalyov -
Rodja / Pesotsky -
Avdotya / Tanya / Barber -
Masha / Doctor / Inspector -

Production Team

Writer and Director - ,
Associate Director -
Set Designer -
Publicity Designer -
Costume Designer -
Assistant Costume Designer -
Lighting Designer -
Sound Designer -
Producer -
Stage Manager -
Additional Publicity -
Film & Cinematographer -
Wonder Tortoise -
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