Girton: The Musical
    By Peter Facer and Stefan Porter

    21:30, Thu 5th October 2017 at Old Hall, Girton College
    Michaelmas Week 0

    Girton: The Musical tells the tale of a rag-tag group of students as they face the trials and tribulations of starting life in the far-flung frontier of Girton College. Featuring hit songs such as 'I'm Ditching You', 'The Lesbians of Newnham' and the classic 'We are Girton', Girton: The Musical is not a show to be missed


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    Dr Tim Sinneran -
    Fraulein Kunzl-Schmidt -
    Phyllidos/Brenda -
    Chorus/JCR President -
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    Chorus/JCR Treasurer -
    Chorus/JCR Swirles Court Rep -
    Oscar -
    Senior Organ Scholar -


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