Nothing Ever Happens in Bogalusa
    By Rahul Savadia

    21:30, Thu 23rd February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 5

    Biff, a mean private eye with a quick wit and a slow Southern drawl, is back in her hometown Bogalusa after a break from the detective game. But now it looks like ol' Columbos gonna have to dust off her magnifying glass. Her philandering ex-lover Jake ain't changed one bit, and now her sister Sally's gone missing.

    But the mysteries don’t end at home. Both local reverends are acting pretty sketchy, and Brenda the businesswoman seems willing to do anything to get cigarette sales back up, even if that means hiring weedy marketing consultant Trevor.

    In Bogalusa corruption, like smoke, rises straight to the top and comedy, like smoke, is everywhere and sin, like smoke, is probably a bad thing.

    Adjust your suspenders while you still can: noir is about to get seriously silly.


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