Sean is Preparing for Rejection on Camdram
    By Leila Sackur

    19:00, Sat 6th – Sun 7th May 2017 Venue to be confirmed
    Easter Week 1 to Week 2

    "I’m going to be on Camdram. I’m going to be an actor. I am in and I am unstoppable. And this is my dream. I swear to God this is my dream. I am in and I'll never be out again"

    Sean came to Cambridge to be an actor. A bit like Stephen Fry, except not really.
    The problem is, it's Week 6 and he keeps getting rejected.
    And he's starting to go a bit mad.
    And it's a dog eat dog world out there.
    And he would literally kill to get to the top.

    SEAN IS PREPARING FOR REJECTION ON CAMDRAM is a darkly comedic short film about friendship, ambition, talent and lack thereof.


    Generic Supportive Friend
    The Director
    Another Generic Director, , ,
    Generic Auditionee,
    The Assistant Director

    Production Team

    Associate Director –
    Writer, Director –
    Assistant Director
    Associate Script, Creative Consultant –
    Director of Photography –
    Production Sound Recordist –
    Assistant Producer
    Clapperboard –
    Production Assistant –