Studio 9: A Sketch Show (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Will Hall & Leo Reich

2:45pm, Fri 4th August 2017 - Mon 28th August 2017, at The Balcony, Gilded Balloon
Summer Vacation

It’s the opportunity every comedian dreams of. Double act Will Hall and Leo Reich have been given an hour to record their very own TV pilot. Except, they’ve been given Studio 9, the smallest studio known to man. It doesn’t help that the tech keeps malfunctioning, the producer’s getting worried and the show barely resembles the script. But they have a lot of sketches to get in the can, and only sixty minutes to do so. Well, fifty nine...

Studio 9 is a brand new, fast-paced sketch show from a pair of Cambridge Footlights Smoker Regulars that promises to be a slick hour of uproarious comedy.

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