A Series of Improv-able Events

21:30, Tue 12th – Sat 16th June 2018 at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 7

If you are reading this then I implore you to stop now and read no further. For if you are in a chipper mood, or even just mildly content, I fear there would be nothing more dampening to your happy life than to see this show. Our story follows a group of innocent children who have just lost their parents in a terrible accident. I wish I could tell you that these orphans were relocated to a new home with a loving guardian where they lived happily ever after, but I am afraid I cannot. For if you have ever lived in the real world, as I have, you would find it a most improvable place - A phrase which here means a place where Improvisers make up very funny drama on the spot from audience suggestions. Their scenes will tell the tale of poor orphans, quirky guardians, secret organisations, hidden conspiracies and dastardly villains. Oh no, do not go and see this show... for it is sure to be A Series of Improv-able Events.


Production Team

Assistant Producer
Production Secretary –
Costume Designer