Blue Stockings
    By Jessica Swale

    13:45, Tue 15th May 2018 at Old Hall, Girton College
    Easter Week 3

    To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the admission of women to degrees at the University of Cambridge, GADS will be putting on dramatised readings of select scenes from Blue Stockings.

    Girton College, 1896. Women study alongside men, but when they graduate are not awarded degrees - and are instead labelled as unnatural, unmairrageble, educated women. However, the move towards change has begun, and over the course of the academic year four young women fight for the right to graduate with degrees.


    Mrs. Welsh -
    Carolyn Mouchette Addison -
    Maeve Sullivan -
    Celia Willbond -
    Lloyd -
    Edwards -
    Will Bennett -
    Miss Blake -
    Dr. Maudsley -
    Holmes -
    Billy -
    Minnie/Mrs. Lindley/Mr. Peck -
    Tess Moffat -

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