Dido, Queen of Carthage
    By Christopher Marlowe

    19:30, Tue 5th June 2018 - Sat 9th June 2018 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Easter Week 6

    'If he forsake me not, I never die,
    For in his looks I see eternity,
    And he'll make me immortal with a kiss.'

    Marlowe's visceral, lyrical reworking of Book IV of Virgil's Aeneid breathes new life into this ancient story with the psychological intensity of Elizabethan drama.

    Troy has been burned to the ground and Aeneas is a prince turned refugee. He and his men are soon shipwrecked and wash up on the shores of Carthage, home to the powerful Dido. In a world of warring gods and clashing empires, the two plunge into a passionate love affair. But as Aeneas faces mounting pressure to follow his destiny and found a new city on Italian soil, Dido fears she will lose everything and resolves to take drastic action.


    Aeneas -
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    Mercury/Cloanthus -
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