Samson Agonistes
    By John Kinsella

    19:00, Wed 24th October 2018 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Michaelmas Week 3

    I praise the poetry of ‘stony wastes’,
    I praise the poetry of lush spaces,
    I praise the poetry of difference,
    I praise poetry of co-existence.

    Samson Agonistes is a complex verse play which touches on themes of modern warfare, identity, and the knotty tragedies of global international politics. As a content notice, it touches specifically on the political situation of Israel and Palestine, and contains discussion of gender. Kinsella dedicates the play "for Israel and Palestine and lasting peace and equality in all things".


    Samson -
    Harapha of Gaph -
    Public Officer -
    Dalila -
    Messenger -

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