Sizwe Bansi Is Dead
    By Athol Fugard

    19:00, Tue 6th – Sat 10th February 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 3

    " When the white man sees you walk down the street and calls out, 'Hey John ! Come here' you, Sizwe Bansi...isn't that a ghost ? Or when his little child calls you 'Boy'... you a man, circumcised with a wife and four children ... isn't that a ghost ? All I'm saying is be a real ghost, if that is what they want.
    Spook them into hell, man ! "

    Written and set in apartheid era South Africa, Athol Fugard’s Sizwe Bansi Is Dead obliquely references several of the struggles faced by people of colour during the time and tethers them to broader questions of identity and human worth. Set in a photography studio, the plot follows a man who comes in to have his photograph taken. He enters as Sizwe Bansi, but due to a series of circumstances beyond his control, leaves as Robert Zwelinzima.


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