Space Doctor
By Will Dalrymple

14:45, Sat 19th May 2018 - Fri 25th May 2018 at The Blockhouse // Brighton Fringe
12:15, Wed 1st August 2018 - Mon 27th August 2018 at Gilded Balloon // Edinburgh Fringe
Easter Week 3 to Summer Vacation

'Space Doctor' is a riotous, hilarious homage to Britain’s favourite time-traveller: Doctor Who. The play is set at a fan convention celebrating the fictional 1970s series 'Space Doctor', with a full cast of demented fans re-enacting the show’s first episode.

Time travel, space ships, scary monsters, evil aliens, sexy assistants, demented fans. It can only be...Space Doctor! Britain’s favourite television time traveller is back and coming to Brighton and Edinburgh. Be there, or be exterminated!


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