Through Dark Eyes
    By Iris Pearson

    18:00, Sun 21st October 2018 at Cam FM
    18:00, Sun 28th October 2018 at Cam FM
    Michaelmas Week 3 to Week 4

    'I think what always struck me in Picasso’s ‘Girl Before A Mirror’, what lingers in my mind when I picture it now, is the pink. Half of her face is pink, her breasts are pink, and her swollen stomach. There’s a peculiar withdrawal about this pink, it seems to pull itself away from you, suck you into the page but leave you with a curious sense of emptiness. There’s something decidedly innocent about this pink, and I feel it even now. Picasso spares our innocence in this painting, and he does it through the pink.'

    ‘Through Dark Eyes’ follows Hester, a blind history of art teacher, through her newfound friendship with the student Grace, as they navigate a world led by sound, smell, and the feeling of colour. But as time goes by and the two become closer and closer, something darker rises to the surface and this unlikely friendship threatens to shatter at any moment.

    'Through Dark Eyes' is a radio play produced by Cambridge student-radio Cam FM.


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