Bad Luck Charlie
    By Mariam Abdel-Razek

    19:00, Tue 19th February 2019 - Sat 23rd February 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 5

    Charlie has spent his entire life followed by bad luck. He misses his trains, spills all his drinks, and somehow, every single time he goes into a park, he comes out of it with bird poo in his hair. It’s a part of his life that’s become all too easy to get used to, laugh at – and to blame things on when they go wrong.

    But things change when, in the space of the same two weeks, he’s dumped and his childhood best friend dies in a freak car accident. Suddenly his unlucky life from before looks like a walk in the park. Lonely, untethered, and desperately missing his past, he attempts to reconnect it the only way he knows how – through his ex-girlfriend, Alex.

    Part comedy, part drama, this piece of new writing explores, with tenderness and wit, grief, intimacy, and what it means to be vulnerable.

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