Comrie Saville-Ferguson: Prang
    By Comrie Saville-Ferguson

    23:00, Tue 5th February 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    Steve is a friendly but ultimately performative guy who keeps his cards close. Tired of feeling lonely, he signs up to a backstreet medical experiment designed to ‘find yourself’. Using advanced technology, a suspect doctor hooks his mind up to a computer, meeting extreme personifications of all the disparate parts of his psyche: from playful to anger to loneliness, in an attempt to understand him. The doctor is revealed to be harvesting such complex personalities and with only one hour allowed in the mind by the technology (shown by a countdown looming on projection), the audience has to find out: Who is the real Steve? Can he escape his own mind? Will the qLab work?

    ‘Prang’ is the debut hour from Footlight and self-proclaimed qLad Comrie Saville-Ferguson. Be prepared for surreality, technology and energy in a stylised collection of comedic and serious monologues about the self we present, being lonely in a crowd, and the myriad characters we play everyday.



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