CUMTS: Miscast Bar Night

20:00, Mon 25th November 2019 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
Michaelmas Week 7

Three times a term, we host a night where people can come along and sing a musical theatre song for a smaller audience in a less intimidating venue (the ADC bar). The atmosphere is always friendly and uplifting, and the performances are always of a top quality.
The most wonderful thing about these shows is that the more intimate setting allows for those less confident performers to feel more comfortable and eventually move onto principal roles in bigger shows. You never know, any Bar Night participant might just go on to be the next big star of the stage! Not only that, but also the range of performers means that there’s is always a range of songs and dynamics to fit every audience member’s needs. Whether you’re into comedy or you’re a hopeless romantic, there’ll be something for you!
This week is the final Bar Night of the term! The theme is Miscast, which means that our performers will be performing all their favourite musical songs that they’d would never normally get to perform due to not being right for the character. It’s going to be a good one!