Let's Start a Fire
    By Victor Rees

    20:00, Thu 7th – Sat 9th March 2019 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Lent Week 7

    ‘Everyone knew him as The Boy Who Fucked The Duck In The Bush At Alton Towers – you’re going to have to bleep that. We were on a school trip, queuing for the rides, and The Boy – I think his name was Steven – he pops out from a bush, zipping up his flies with a duck following after. Obviously he’d just gone in to have a piss, but the name stuck.’

    Lent Term will see the exciting premiere of Victor Rees' dark new play in the Larkum Studio. A pitch-black tale of intimacy and cruelty, Let’s Start a Fire questions what it takes to be famous in the 21st century – and how much you can truly love those you hurt.

    ‘Next morning I couldn’t remember a thing. My clothes smelled of smoke. It’s only later I found the video. It just happened. It didn’t feel like it mattered.’


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