Market Square: Fresh Sketch Produce

    21:30, Thu 14th – Sat 16th November 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 5

    It’s a bustling lunchtime today in Market Square until: the electricity goes out!!! Stall owners rally round to point the finger of blame as their rice threatens to putrefy, and the slow cookers just aren’t cooking at all! Eco-Steve doesn’t care, though. Eco-Steve doesn’t use electricity, pesticides, or plastics. His produce is all Organic™ and, boy, don’t we all know about that. Good for you, Steve. The market is one of the most successful in all the land, bringing together foods and products from all over the world, and the charismatic characters that hand make them with love. Who could possibly sabotage such a place? We all think it’s Dodgy Darren but CHRIST ALIVE, GLADYS!?! Don’t go around telling people! Quick everyone, back to your stalls. The show must go on. (Specifically, an hour long sketch show of eccentric characters - yippee!)


    Production Team

    Director, Writer –
    Lighting Designer
    Associate Writer-Director –
    Publicity Designer