Kit Livsey


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  • Dive: A Sketch Show Underwater - Associate Director

    21:30, Tue 4th February 2020 - Sat 8th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom

    Come on down to the bottom with this open ocean sketch show. Follow Michael Phelps as he seeks official recognition as a fish and watch Steve the anxiety salmon as he regrets becoming a dentist for sh…

  • Riddikulus: A Magical Sketch Show - Director, Performer, Writer

    21:30, Tue 18th February 2020 - Wed 19th February 2020 at Pembroke

    Climb aboard a scarlet steam engine and travel to a haunted castle in the Scottish Highlands for an enchanting and legally safe sketch show which may or may not be parodying a certain book and movie f…

  • Identity Crisis - Associate Director

    21:30, Tue 18th February 2020 - Sat 22nd February 2020 at Corpus Playroom

    Who knows you best? A) Yourself B) Your mum C) Your best friend of 12 years D) An obscure data server on the edge of the Arctic Circle Alex has just started university and feels like a fraud,…

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