The Servant of Two Masters
    By Carlo Goldoni

    15:00, Sat 16th June 2018 - Sun 17th June 2018 at Corpus Christi College Master's Lodge Garden
    Easter Week 7 to May Week

    Cambridge, 1980. Psychedelic colours, flared trousers and disco music.

    Truffles is a big personality with an even bigger stomach. Having arrived in town with one master, he is so confident in his abilities (and so desperate for his next meal) that he gets a job with a second. Unfortunately for him, his two masters' lives are far more intertwined than he realises. Trying to juggle two demanding jobs, it all becomes too much like hard work for our lovable fool...

    Goldoni's classic farce returns to Cambridge for May Week! Set in 1980s Cambridge, The Servant to Two Masters is sure to resonate with audiences. Staged under the June sun in the peaceful Master's Lodge Garden of Corpus Christi College, it is the perfect way to spend a May Week afternoon!


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