Fireside Theatre presents...

Mary Stuart
By Friedrich Schiller, translated Peter Oswald

20:00, Thu 21st November 2019 - Sat 23rd November 2019 at The Round Church
Michaelmas Week 6

‘If right was honoured, you would be sprawling in the dust before me. Because I am your Queen’

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, is rotting in prison. Charged with treason against her cousin Elizabeth, her life lies in her rival's hands. But Elizabeth, trapped amongst scheming courtiers, feels torn by the choice. To let her cousin live is to risk rebellion, to destroy her is to make her a martyr. And, as Mary once again begins to plot her escape, Elizabeth can't afford to hesitate any longer.

Fireside Theatre, the team behind Northanger Abbey (Selwyn Chapel; 5 stars – Varsity) and Wild Honey (ADC Theatre; 4 stars – The Tab) present Friedrich Schiller’s great historical tragedy in Oswald’s epic modern translation. The play will be brought to life in Cambridge’s historic Round Church, and accompanied by live period choral music.

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