Party Trick!

    21:30, Tue 14th – Sat 18th May 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 3

    Abstract, tenuously connected scenes related in some-way-shape-or-form to the word "party". Party conferences, house parties, dinner parties, big organized parties (BOPs), you name it, and we'll throw it. Featuring sketches, stand-up routines and short-odd-musical numbers, from the perspectives of the politician to the table-lamp, the party never stops (at least until the hour's up). A show made by freshers for everyone - grab those limited tickets, avoid the FOMO, and join the party.


    Production Team

    Publicity Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Sound Designer
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Director ,
    Trailer Videographer –
    Trailer Musician – ,