The Twin Brothers
By Franz Schubert

14:00, Sat 15th June 2019 at The Cambridge Union
20:00, Sat 15th June 2019 at The Cambridge Union
Easter Week 7

In celebration of 200 years since its composition, Cambridge University Opera Society presents Schubert's 'The Twin Brothers' (Die Zwillingsbrüder). This light-hearted farce, transposed into a collegiate Cambridge setting, follows young Elizabeth, who, upon her birth, was subject to a marriage contract by her College Master father with the rich general Frank Pike. Pike then leaves for war and Elizabeth falls in love with young student Anton. On the day she comes of age, Frank suddenly returns, demanding the marriage contract be honoured. This throws everyone into a confusion heightened by the return of Frank’s long-lost identical twin brother Frederick.
This new and exciting production of a rarely performed work promises to explore Schubert’s opera in a unique way, particularly in the translation of the libretto into English and the relocation of the comedy to Edwardian England.


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