Augustine's Lie (Read-through)
    By Ali Bonner

    10:30, Fri 13th March 2020 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Lent Week 8

    Augustine's Lie

    The story of the Briton who defended human free will against the idea of original sin as the Roman empire collapsed.

    Tried for heresy three times and acquitted three times, Pelagius was then condemned as a result of corruption. This is the story of the lie that saw him condemned, and the mix of religion and politics as the world fell apart that installed original sin as orthodoxy in the west.


    Juliana, slave girl, Anianus
    Proba, Older female slave, John of Jerusalem, Bishop Praesidius, Agricola
    Dio, Pinianus, Deacon, Pammachius, Julian of Aeclanum
    Laeta, Iuni, Priest 2, Asterius, Simonides, Bishop Simplicius
    Melania the Younger, Prefect of the City, Demetrias, Fabiolus, Bishop Exuperantius, Patroclus
    Paulinus of Nola, Heraclianus, Augustine, Bishop Constantius
    Leo, Marcellus, Orosius, Alex
    Door Slave, Priest with Orosius, Sixtus
    Licinius, Celestine, Albinus
    Boy Oly, male slave, Paulinus of Milan, Rutilius Namatianus, Zosimus
    Volusianus, Lucius, Alypius, Ship's Captain
    Antoninus, Theophilos, Aurelius of Carthage, Secretary to Zosimus
    Laeta, Iuni, Priest 2, Asterius, Simonides, Bishop Simplicius

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