The Passion

    19:00, Thu 27th May 2021 - Sat 29th May 2021 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 4

    CW: Sexual Assault

    The Passion is a new piece of student writing about sexual assault and relationships. Set in a student flat in Cambridge, the play follows the reconciliation of Dan and Tony, a former university couple, over a single afternoon during Freshers Week. However, when it is revealed that Dan’s ulterior motives concern an incident which occurred during their relationship, the afternoon soon becomes a heated discussion about memories, self-deception, and the realities of assault. The Passion is a story about the things that go unsaid in a relationship, and the implications we make of other people. It features a cast of two, and is comprised of three acts.

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    Publicity Designer  This will involve creating a poster, some social media creativity, cast photography and any other creative publicity ideas you would like. Please feel free to include examples of previous publicity or artwork so we can see your style. No previous publicity experience is required for this role! Lighting designer  This play is very naturalistic but there is a lot of potential for creative lighting. It takes place over the course of an afternoon leading into night and we don't know where we want to go with it lighting-wise so we're open for lots of ideas and initiative! This would be a great role for someone starting out who wants to get involved in lighting. Let me know in your application if you'd also be available to operate the lighting for the performance as well. Set designer  This play takes place inside a Cambridge student flat. There is a lot we'd like to convey through the set design in terms of the student's character and of course there's the challenge of creating a space conducive to social distancing – so lots to be creative with despite the everyday setting! It would be great if anyone applying had any experience with design but none is necessary! Stage Manager  This role involves generally keeping the show running smoothly, overseeing some tech and the safety of the cast. Training will be provided if required!

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