By Frances Arnold

    19:00, Tue 1st – Sat 5th November 2022 at New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 4

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    Death and/or dying
    Mental illness
    Flashing images and/or lights
    Drugs/Alcohol/Substance abuse

    “I was thinking last night, you know, you should make a film of Alice in Wonderland! I could play Alice. But we should make it terribly modern and - beautiful, sort of. About this city and us and everything. The city feels like a rabbit hole sometimes, don't you think? It's - It's easy to fall into.”

    Al is an artist. He wants money and fame.
    Bea is a writer. She wants artistic success.
    Cee is a model. She just wants to dissolve.

    The unusual death of an acquaintance shakes the lives of three artists struggling in the whirling dreamspace of 60s London. As they set out on individual but overlapping quests for fame, money and meaning, dreams and reality start to blur together, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Part Warhol's Factory, part Alice's Wonderland, the world of the play explores the imbalanced power dynamics between male artists and their female muses, set in the dreamy speedy velvety underground of the city, where art is everything and reality is an afterthought.

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