By Emma Robinson

    21:30, Tue 15th – Sat 19th February 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 4

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    Themes of death, grief and references to suicidal thoughts

    Alex wants to chat. You can say no. Obviously, you can say no. You can leave, even, if you wanted
    to—it’d be inconvenient and strange and awkward, but you could. Because being told what to do is
    wrong, like morally and stuff. Alex hates it.

    They also hate stripes. And small spaces. And loud noises. And loud silences and the phrase ‘suck it
    up’. And people or things touching theirs or other people’s eyes, especially when theirs or other
    people’s eyes are already red and puffy, and they or other people just want to be left alone with
    their puffy and red and watery eyes.

    Needless to say, Alex is dealing with some stuff—family stuff, world stuff, other stuff.

    LOUD is a blend (or clashing, maybe) of different styles: part stand-up, part poetry, audience
    interaction, The Sims-esque riffing of instructions, and, of course, just some normal dialogue. It’s as
    clear or metaphoric or anecdotal or just plain evasive as Alex needs it to be, as they accept what’s
    happening in their life, and who’s in it, and who’s not.


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