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    Swim | Short Film
    By Maddie Lynes

    20:30, Sat 12th March 2022 at St John's Picturehouse
    Lent Week 7

    ‘SWIM’ is the winning script of Cambridge Creatives x CUADC’s scriptwriting competition. When Cass is sent by her Dad to visit her older sister, Thea, at university, in the hope that this will help her out of a tough time, they struggle to get along. This short film focuses on an emotionally precarious relationship between sisters and how, in just over 24 hours together, they learn to be in each other’s company again.



    Production Team

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    Assistant Director
    Assistant Producer ,
    Director of Photography –
    Graphic Designer –
    Co-Composer – ,
    Lighting Operator –
    Sound Operator –
    Assistant Director
    Costume Designer
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