By Wringing Metamorphosis

19:30, Thu 17th – Sun 20th March 2022 at Fitzpatrick Hall
Lent Week 8 to Week 9

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Nudity, Sexual Content, Death, Violence

What should I wrap in silence, what should I not wrap in silence? miserably does my body recline, my back stretched out on its hard bed! Alas for the temples of my head and for my sides! How I long to roll my back and spine about, listing now to this side of my body, now to that…’

Branches grow from sleeves, the mafia attend a crucifixion, a horse births human bodies. In this adaptation of Euripides we embody the Trojan Women, exploring displacement, ancestry and prophecy. Approaching text, choreography, soundscape and puppetry through the framework of the four elements, and the four corners of a single room, the disparate stories of the women merge into a single substance. We mediate the hinterland between ancient mythology and personal memory. Driven by the force of Dionysian tragedy, creation and destruction, warfare is transmuted by forgiveness.

Wringing Metamorphosis is a dance theatre company launched by Charis Taplin and Blue Pieta, with musical direction and performance from Elinor Arden and Jessica Raja Brown. We combine dance, theatre and performance art with live music moving between genres and languages; alongside disciplines from cinema to puppetry. We devise original work through a combination of contemporary and ancient dance- theatre techniques, and deep physical research into personal dreamscape and familial history, with imagery ranging from medieval religious iconography to Mesopotamian myth, to film noir. The multidisciplinary dimensions of our work join in the fulcrum of the body, turning the stage - be it a theatre, field, studio, or shower cubicle - into a limitless space, where the threads of performance are woven into the audience to create an immersive fabric.



Shruti –

Production Team

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