Christmas Calamities
    By Amy Hill

    18:00, Sun 26th – Mon 27th November 2023 at TBC
    Michaelmas Week 8

    A comedy play about Christmas Day in the Smith household, told by the family cats. It follows an extended news report by Timmy Topcat and Mr Fluffles, as they give analysis of the events of the day, interjected by comedy sketches of the roving reporters in the house: inanimate objects like chocolates in the chocolate box, spices in the spice rack, and the tree fairy who's afraid of heights. Will Operation Christmas Day be a success, or will it end in tears?

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    Mr Fluffles
    Timmy Topcat
    Army Soldier, Thyme, Fudge
    Teddy Bear, Sage, Fairy
    Robot, Corkscrew, Broken Lights
    Santa Ornament, Tree Lights
    Playing Cards, Cracker Toy, Lego
    Wally, Nutmeg, Outdoor Light
    Chervil, Milk Chocolate, Tree Fairy, Fake Candle
    Tinsel, Orange Creme, Knife
    Candy Cane, Fork, Twinkly Lights
    Chocolate Bauble, Tiny Spoon, Production Manager
    Snowman, Caramel, Garlic
    Ballerina, Cinnamon, Cake Server, Disco Lights
    Big Spoon, Indoor Light, Onion
    Coconut Eclair


    Production Team

    Assistant Producer
    Assistant Director
    Graphics + Publicity Designer –
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    Publicity Designer