By Max Mason & Ben Cole

    19:30, Fri 10th – Sun 12th November 2023 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Michaelmas Week 5 to Week 6

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    Mental illness
    References to suicide

    In 1996, the renowned auteur-translator Giovanni Pontiero has been diagnosed with AIDS — and it’s fatal. Staving off medication, his sole ambition is to translate the last great work of Portuguese novelist Saramago: a blistering dystopia called Blindness. Yet, whilst Pontiero himself loses his sight, the question of his life’s work hangs in the balance: will he be able to finish his translation before the time runs out?

    A heartfelt portrayal of the grave particulars of one man’s final days during the AIDS crisis, this remarkable, true story of queer expression asks us to question our responsibilities to our art, work and each other, posing the question: how far would we go for what we believe is true to us?

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    > 'I was the seer, after all. I could spot patterns, the workings of the future, in the midst of a single moment.' ------ Foresight (Or, the Final Days of Giovanni Pontiero) is looking for a talented cast of 5-6 actors! This brand-new musical by Max Mason and Ben Cole is a heartfelt and true story of LGBT expression and liberation in the midst of the AIDS crisis, as well as an examination of the artistry of translation, and we're so excited to be bringing it to the incredible Fitzpatrick Hall in Week 5!

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