Peter PAMS
    By Lauren Court & Heather Irvine

    21:30, Tue 28th November 2023 at Girton College Old Hall
    21:30, Thu 30th November 2023 at Girton College Old Hall
    Michaelmas Week 8

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    Wendy, John, and Michael are three Freshers at the college of St. John’s. Day in, day out, life is perfect there; nothing could possibly ever go wrong. Until one night, Wendy’s subconscious, dreamy desires of living at an out-of-town college begin to come true, as she starts to be visited by Peter PAMS. What she doesn’t realise is that this was the start of an adventure the three freshers would never forget...

    Join Peter (Girton’s very own Protector of Allocated Money for Students (and no way in parallel to the JCR Treasurer)) as he takes the trio on a trip to GirtonLand to uncover the life led by those outside of the town centre. Along the way, we encounter 2 of St. John’s best chefs, the Lost Boys, Squirrabel, Hook the Bursar and the Junior Bursmee, as Wendy starts to question where she actually belongs in Cambridge, whether she’s truly at the right college, and what on earth is a ‘deep schlub’?

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    Peter PAMS
    Hook the Bursar
    Junior Bursmee
    Dame Sugar Cookie
    Lost Boy

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