By Maya Marie

    21:30, Wed 10th – Sat 13th May 2023 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 2

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    scenes of a sexual nature, sexual violence

    secreting is a series of duologues documenting the intimate conversations that take place between a group of teenagers in the peripheries of a house party as they flail through to the early hours. Trying so hard to surpass the bubble boundaries of selfhood and connect with others, these characters shoot and miss miserably, creating cringe-worthy, heart-warming, and chilling drama out of the—seemingly—most basic human interactions.

    A tragicomedy, the play vacillates between naturalism—largely in dialogue—and grotesque physicality. Nostalgia meets abjection.

    As our characters try so hard to have fun and impress, mundanity spills imperceptibly into danger.

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