The Mortal Instruments: An Unofficial Musical
    By Megan Conlon & Stevie Harding

    20:00, Sun 21st May 2023 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
    Easter Week 4

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    Kidnapping, death, discrimination

    “Shadowhunters have a saying: all the stories are true.” 15-year-old Clary Fray is embroiled in a world of angels, demons and mythical creatures on a journey to discover who she truly is. After her mother is kidnapped, she is forced to open her eyes to what lies beneath the mundane façade of New York City and find light within the Shadow World. Teaming up with a group of half-human, half-angel ‘Shadowhunters’, she learns to wield angelic weapons, fight demons and even find love, all with her dorky best friend Simon by her side. A fan-made musical based on the best-selling series by Cassandra Clare, ‘The Mortal Instruments’.


    Clary Fray
    Isabelle Lightwood
    Simon Lewis
    Magnus Bane
    Hodge Starkweather
    Maryse Lightwood
    Jocelyn Fray
    Luke Garroway/Narrator
    Alec Lightwood
    Jace Wayland
    Valentine Morgenstern

    Production Team

    Composer/Lyricist –
    Assistant Director
    Musical Director
    Publicity Designer
    Sound Technician –
    Welfare Representative –