Curtain Call Collaborative presents...

    An Ideal Husband
    By Oscar Wilde, Aidan Gray

    19:00, Mon 17th – Thu 20th June 2024 at St Edmund's College Orchard
    Easter May Week

    Step into the elegant world of Victorian England with our uproarious adaptation of Oscar Wilde's timeless classic, "An Ideal Husband." Set against the backdrop of high society, this comedic gem follows the lives of Sir Robert Chiltern and his charming wife, Lady Gertrude, whose seemingly perfect life is threatened by scandal and blackmail.

    As secrets unravel and schemes unfold, audiences will be swept away on a whirlwind of witty dialogue, clever plot twists, and hilarious misunderstandings. The play is a brilliant example of Wilde’s wit and skill at pulling off a rather ridiculous plot. There is plenty of banter and paradoxes, but also melodrama, romance, and genuine insight into human psychology.

    With extravagant costumes, lavish sets, and a talented cast bringing Wilde's iconic characters to life, this production promises an evening of laughter, romance, and intrigue.

    Whether you're a devoted fan of Wilde's works or simply in search of a delightful evening at the theater, "An Ideal Husband" offers something for everyone. Join us at St Edmund's College Orchard for an unforgettable journey into the world of Victorian comedy, where morality is questioned, love is tested, and the pursuit of perfection proves to be anything but ideal.

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    Lord Goring
    Sir Robert Chiltern
    Mrs Cheveley
    Gertrude Chiltern
    Lord Caversham
    Mabel Chiltern
    Lady Markby

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