Debate Team
    By Nicolas Medrano

    20:00, Thu 23rd May 2024 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Easter Week 4

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    Abuse (physical, mental, verbal), jump scare, mental illness, discrimination (spoken about), substance abuse.

    "The key to offensive argumentation is this: you must, must, must, you must anticipate and know, you must anticipate and know, your opponents’ warrant, and undermine its credibility, before they develop a credible explanation in the first instance. Offense, offense, offense. Don’t ask, argue."

    Welcome to American high school policy debate, where arguments are wielded like weapons at over 350 words per minute. When freshman Sarah discovers the activity, she stops at nothing to succeed and win a recruited spot on a top university team. There’s just one problem: her archnemesis Isaac, who wants the same destiny.

    A tragicomedy about the end of American political discourse and a cult of anxious, overachieving, Gen Z misfits who somehow find purpose in a world with more and more information, and less and less meaning. Oh, and Adderall — lots of it.

    It's bound to get interesting.

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