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Swear It On His Graves
By Toni Renz

21:30, Wed 7th – Sat 10th February 2024 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 3

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death and dying, self harm, pregnancy, transphobia

‘You know, he would’ve done it himself if he could. He would’ve walked the whole way here, dug his own bleeding grave and laid down.’
‘But he didn’t. He asked us to do it instead.’

When Matt dies, he leaves behind a wife, a brother, and extensive instructions on how to make him a bog body. To complete this unusual final request Ada and Chris must first fake his funeral, smuggle his body to a remote Scottish island and finally bury him. Unfortunately, life (or more accurately, death) is never that simple and on this road trip Ada and Chris learn more about Matt, each other, themselves, and bog chemistry than either of them could have bargained for.

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