The Corpse in the Room
    By Emily Gibson

    21:30, Wed 1st – Sat 4th May 2024 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 1

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    Death and/or Dying
    Mental Illness

    “Am I dying or just going mad?”

    It can be uncomfortable to think about death, but when you’re locked in a room with a Corpse, it becomes unavoidable. When the Corpse starts talking to you, it becomes even more so. In a place where life and death can meet, talk, and eat cake together, a Woman and a Corpse get the opportunity to talk some things out, and try to teach each other something about mortality. They have until the sun comes up to fall a bit in love with life, the afterlife, and each other. This bittersweet reimagining of medieval dream vision literature will take you by the hand and gently ask you:
    “What do you want to come next?”

    For fans of cake, the macabre, and dancing with death.

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    The Woman
    The Corpse

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