A Girton Tale: GADS Panto 2016

    22:00, Tue 29th November 2016 at Girton Old Hall
    19:30, Wed 30th November 2016 at Girton Old Hall
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Are you an Arts Student? Or a Scientist?

    In distant Girton, a bitter feud between the subjects set in motion by the dastardly DoSes Dr Artsmith and Professor Scimo rages on, tearing would-be friends apart and fracturing the heart of Girton into pieces

    That is, until a chance meeting of an Arts Student named Romeo and a Scientist named Juliet ignites a love that could begin to end the subject war...

    Joined by Nursie, Benjamin Volio and Mike Utio, come with our heroes as they quest to pass their degrees, maintain a stable social life and to save their true love!

    The Girton Pantomime 2016 promises to have you dancing in your seat, or at the very least still happily humming the songs as you leave the Old Hall

    This Christmas, Come join us in distant Girton, where we lay our scene...


    Michael 'Mike' Utio
    Benjamin 'Benny' Volio
    Professor Scimo
    Mathmo 2
    Dr Artsmith
    PhD Student 1
    PhD Student 2


    Piano –

    Production Team

    Lyricist –
    Assistant Director ,