CAST 2010: The Tempest
    By William Shakespeare

    00:00, Wed 1st September 2010 - Fri 1st October 2010 at American tour show
    Summer Vacation

    CAST is a student-run theatrical company which, every summer, tours a Shakespeare play down the East Coast of the United States. The tour itself will be in September 2011, after a three week rehearsal period in Cambridge during August. There will be a home run in Cambridge in Week 0 of Michaelmas term. Under the patronage of Dame Judi Dench, CAST has given sixteen students the chance to tour America for the last eleven years, performing in such places as Miami, New York, Washington DC and Boston. Each year we visit between 8 - 12 venues, from schools and universities, to town halls and even in the urban regeneration project gardens of New York City!

    CAS is an amazing opportunity for all those involved. Participants of the tour will be asked for a financial contribution of up to £500 (which is far, far cheaper than a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe!) The trip is heavily subsidized, so this contribution pays for almost everything for the 7 weeks: accommodation and food for the three week August rehearsal period in Cambridge, flights to America, accommodation in America, travel in America from New York right down to Miami, some food in America and stash - ALL FOR £500!


    Prospero -
    Miranda -
    Ferdinand/Antonio -
    Caliban -
    Ariel -
    Trinculo/Gonzalo -
    Stephano -
    Alonso -
    Sebastian -

    Production Team

    Tour Manager/Producer -
    Director -
    Technical Director -
    Tour Manager/Producer -
    Stage Manager -
    Lighting Designer -