CUOS Shorts 2023

    20:00, Fri 3rd – Sat 4th March 2023 at Trinity College Chapel
    Lent Week 6

    CUOS Shorts is a festival of new chamber opera composed and staged by current Cambridge students. Three new operas, each around 15-20 minutes long, will be performed at 8pm on the 3rd and 4th March 2023 in Trinity College Chapel. The 4 operas being premiered this year are 'Tempо̄ Famine' by Sarah Henderson, 'Dream House as Music' by Milo Flynn, 'Sarah and Hagar' by Medomfo Owusu, and 'Goblin Market' by Sam Gray.


    Angel (Sarah and Hagar)
    Sarah (Sarah and Hagar)
    Hagar (Sarah and Hagar)
    Abraham (Sarah and Hagar)
    Daimyō (Tempō Famine)
    Shōgun (Tempō Famine)
    Woman (Tempō Famine)
    Man (Tempō Famine)
    Student (Tempō Famine)
    Woman (Dream House as Music),
    Laura (Goblin Market)
    Lizzie (Goblin Market)
    Goblin (Goblin Market), ,
    Narrator (Goblin Market)


    Production Team

    Composer and Musical Director (Sarah and Hagar) –
    Assistant Musical Director (Sarah and Hagar) –
    Director (Sarah and Hagar) –
    Composer and Musical Director (Goblin Market) –
    Director (Goblin Market) –
    Composer and Musical Director (Tempō Famine) –
    Director (Tempõ Famine) –
    Composer and Musical Director (Dream House as Music) –
    Director (Dream House as Music) –
    Costume Designer
    Set Designer
    Makeup Artist –
    Assistant Producer
    Assistant Musical Director (Goblin Market) –
    Assistant Musical Director (Dream House as Music) –
    Assistant Costume Designer
    Librettist (Goblin Market) –
    Librettist (Tempō Famine) –